At Hampshire Barn Interiors each quality piece of antique replica furniture we make is hand carved from solid mahogany wood by highly skilled craftsmen.

When you order a quality antique replica piece from our range, such as Antique bed, Antique chaise, Antique desk, Antique fainting couch, Antique sofas, Asian Wedding Furniture, Bedroom furniture, Biedermeier chairs, Black Furniture, Chaise longue, Chaise lounge, Chaises, Cheval mirror, Console table, Couch sofa, Decorative furniture, Dining furniture, Double chaise lounge, French furniture, Gilt furniture, Gold Furniture, Indian Wedding Furniture, Leather chaise, Louis furniture, Loveseat, Mahogany furniture, Marble console table, Office furniture, Painted Furniture, Reproduction furniture, Silver Furniture, Wedding Furniture, White furniture, you will realise that our customer services are second to none as we believe that this is one of the most important parts of any business. We make sure that each antique furniture pieces meets the highest of standards and so we carry many in stock so that you rarely have to wait long for it to be delivered. As well as being able to sell you what could be the furniture piece of your dreams, we also make matching high quality solid mahogany furniture for any room in your house.

For more information on our antique furniture, please call us on 01730 231246.

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Antique bed
Antique chaise
Antique desk
Antique fainting couch
Antique sofas
Asian Wedding Furniture
Bedroom furniture
Biedermeier chairs
Black Furniture
Chaise longue
Chaise lounge
Cheval mirror
Console table
Couch sofa
Decorative furniture
Dining furniture
Double chaise lounge
French furniture
Gilt furniture
Gold Furniture
Indian Wedding Furniture

Handmade Furniture
Leather chaise
Louis furniture
Mahogany furniture
Marble console table
Office furniture
Painted Furniture
Reproduction furniture
Silver Furniture
White furniture
Wedding Furniture

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